Here at The Jansen Team, we make dreams come true! By helping people purchase their dream home, we help them live their best life. But the truth is that we only help homebuyers with the last leg of what can be a very long journey.


But these days, money is tight and the market is hot. We understand the hesitancy many people feel to jump into homeownership. But the truth is that we work with homebuyers all the time who realize they are perfectly capable of owning a home if they only get a little creative with their saving.


Today, a 20% down payment is no longer a hard and fast requirement. There are other ways to start with a smaller down payment and still end up in the house of your dreams. Keep reading to find out 5 easy ways to save for a down payment.


Cut out the coffee.


Some people absolutely need their coffee in the morning. But does it have to come from an expensive coffee shop? The average store bought latte costs $3.78. Over a year, that adds up to over $1,300. Buying whole bean coffee from the store and making your own at home could save you a lot of money in not very much time.


Start a swear jar.


A swear jar is like a high stakes piggy bank. Even if it’s not swearing you want to do less of, adding a dollar to a jar every time you do a particular thing (say, eat fast food or buy a latte) can add up quick. Plus, it could help you make a positive change (and maybe save even more money)!


Eat on the cheap.


Most of us spend way more time and money eating out at restaurants than is necessary. Yes, we’re busy, and yes, the food is delicious, but if you are serious about saving enough for that down payment sooner rather than later, you might want to consider putting a limit on how often you eat out.


Cut the cord.


Cable isn’t cheap, especially if you have the sports, movies, and everything else under the sun package. Thankfully, there are many emerging entertainment options that are much cheaper, or even free. Services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime allow you to enjoy many of your favorite shows for a fraction of the price of traditional cable.


Track your progress.


No matter what tactics you decide to use to save for your down payment, the one thing we absolutely suggest you do is track your progress. Tracking your progress makes it much easier to know whether you are behind schedule, ahead of schedule, or right on track. It’ll help you understand whether or not you need to adopt a new tactic or just press on with what you’ve been doing.


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