Whether you recently became a homeowner, you have bought your second or third home, or you are about to take the plunge and buy your dream home, you are have a great responsibility! As we have discussed before, being a homeowner has its many benefits. When you purchase a home, you are making a sound financial investment in your future. But in order to get the most out of that investment, homeowners need to keep up with annual maintenance of their home.


Read on to find out which maintenance tasks are absolutely essential for homeowners to perform each year. If you do, you’ll have an investment that will appreciate for years to come.


Save 1% of the home’s value. The general rule of thumb is that annual maintenance of a home will cost about 1% of the home’s value. So, even if you don’t have plans for big renovation projects, it would be wise to plan on setting aside at least 1% of the home’s value. The truth is that, as a homeowner, expenses can and will hit you from every direction, and often when you least expect it. Costs like a new roof or driveway can potentially eclipse that 1% figure on their own, so you always want to be prepared.


Update your emergency kit. You don’t necessarily need a bunker full of years’ worth of provisions, but as a homeowner, you absolutely need to be prepared for weather emergencies that may leave you without power for a day or two. It’s important to keep this kit in a safe, easy to find place, and to make sure that it always has the things that it needs, such as flashlights, canned goods, batteries, and first aid. Check it once a year to make sure nothing is expired or needs replacing.


Know your humidity. As you probably know, humidity can cause problems in a house. Too much humidity can cause dangerous health problems like mildew and mold. Too little can cause surfaces to crack and peel, not to mention potential itchiness and sore throats. Buy a hygrometer and check that the humidity in your home is between 30-50%.


Salt your water softener. Many homeowners don’t know that they need to maintain their water softener by adding salt periodically. Without having the proper amount of (rock, NOT table) salt in the water softener, the minerals present in the water will start to harden and form big, heavy mineral rocks. These will ruin your water softener and you’ll have to replace it. For a guide to salt and your water softener, click here.


Take a photo. Taking a photo is a great way for you to not only track the evolution of your home through time, but to also be able to notice small things that may need your attention. Whether it’s peeling paint or a gutter that has come loose, taking a photo and comparing it to previous years’ versions will help you stay on top of the little things that add up over time.


We hope this blog has got you thinking about what it takes to be a smart homeowner. If you have questions about homeownership, the Omaha real estate market, or working with The Jansen Team, we would love to hear from you! Click here to get in touch.