Trend Watch: Colors that won’t die quickly

You’ve probably noticed a lot of older trends coming back in style, and now you’ll see them inside homes too! Industry experts have come up with their predictions for the top 10 home design trends gaining traction in 2018.

  1. More color in kitchens

Give the space a warm, personalized, unique feel – take risks and be BOLD!

  1. Rich colors throughout the home

Not like the 70s avocado green and mustard colors – warm grays paired with camel, rust, tobacco and brown-blacks, as well as earthy reds and yellows won’t date quickly and give a cozy feel to any room!

  1. No more white or stainless steel sinks

Modern Farmhouse trends will continue and spread to bathrooms – more concrete, stone, copper, and granite composite sinks in darker shades of gray, bronze, and black will be more prominent.

  1. Florals

Eye-catching and oversized – you’ll continue to see these everywhere!

  1. Vintage lighting

Sconces, lanterns, pendants, and chandeliers – a good DIY project when adding new technology to these more-durable retro fixtures.

  1. Trough or bucket sinks

Another modern Farmhouse trend that’s not going anywhere – these durable, low maintenance sinks maximize space and add a rustic aesthetic.

  1. Concrete accents

This affordable, versatile, accessible material is being used in unexpected ways and stealing the spotlight!

  1. Millwork feature walls and detailing

Another great DIY project – easy to work with and readily available.

  1. Wallpaper-like backsplash

Subway tiles are out – wallpaper is back in, making a great refresher for kitchen and bathroom spaces!

  1. Casual and calm modern bedrooms

Less is more! Leave the bold colors in the kitchen and keep bedrooms minimalist and opt for simple furnishings and neutral color palettes.


Information in this article was found in a Washington Post article: "Trend Watch: Colors That Won't Die Quickly" written by Megan McDonough. Full article can be found at the following link: