I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Omaha is growing RAPIDLY. At the current rate of growth, we will easily be a city of one million within the next 10 years. With this, we will face major growing pains, particularly in our transit systems. To address this, our community must implement a modern, urban transportation system. Have you heard of streetcar and rapid bus transit (ORBT)? These 2 methods of transportation will have a HUGE impact on our jobs and local economy. It will allow Omaha to be competitive in attracting new businesses, new talent and likewise retain what we have. Here’s how the street car/ORBT will benefit Omaha; it’s expected to roll out within the next year.

  1. Bring in new businesses and talents because of an affordable and convenient methods of transportation.
  2. Increase sales revenues in businesses along the corridors of the transit system.
  3. Homes located near these modernized transportations systems will be valued at a higher percentage than homes located farther away from the corridor.

More information can be found at: https://www.ometro.com/index.php/about-orbt/

Moreover, in 2015, Omaha Metro has lost a disappointing 92,000 educated workers (totaling over 2 billion in lost taxes and fees) due to insufficient methods of transportation and lack of parking. This phenomenon has been coined “Brain Drain”.

For more information on the streetcar: https://modernstreetcaradvocates.org/

This is exciting for Omaha!