Driving around Omaha, you probably see all kinds of real estate signs in the front yards of different homes. While some signs represent our industry’s best-known companies and real estate teams, (like NP Dodge and The Jansen Team, for example!) others represent homeowners who have decided to go the FSBO (For Sale By Owner) route.


In this blog, we want to talk about why you need to hire a professional real estate agent if you really want to sell your home. While it might feel tempting to save a little bit of money and do it yourself, you’ll soon find out why going the FSBO route is not worth the trouble.


You need to gain the trust of buyers. Here is the first and one of the most important reasons why you need a professional real estate agent to sell your home fast. A home is the most complex, expensive purchase that most people are ever going to make. That’s why trust is so important. With a FSBO, there is little reason to have trust and confidence in the seller. They have likely never sold a home before and may not really know what they are doing. Seeing the name and logo of an experienced real estate team in the yard means that the transaction is going to be as quick and smooth as possible.


You want to get the best price. If you’re selling your home, it should be a given that you want to get every dollar you can. While you will always have to pay a commission to your real estate agent, most sellers end up finding that cost well worth the price when they consider the fact that homes sold by professionals consistently fetch higher prices AND the innumerable hours of stressful work that the homebuyer saved themselves by hiring a pro to do it for them.


You don’t have the expertise. Have you ever tried to repair a car or other complex piece of machinery? If you aren’t a professional mechanic, you probably had a difficult and frustrating time. It also probably took you 3-4 times longer to complete the task than it would have taken a professional (if you ever got the job done at all!). The same is true for real estate. Some people tend to have the idea that houses sell themselves. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. Selling a home is a complex process and without extensive knowledge of the market and the industry, you will struggle to keep your head above water.


Consider this: of those homebuyers who first start shopping for homes online, (that’s just about everyone these days) 96% end up buying from a real estate agent or team. That shows that the vast majority of sales are still happening by way of top producing agents and teams like ours. So, if you’re ready to list your Omaha area home and want to make sure it gets sold fast, and for the best price, give us a call! We are ready to go to work for you today.