You wouldn’t buy an expensive item like a car or a computer without a warranty. So if you’re going to buy a home, why wouldn’t you want to have a warranty on that, as well? A warranty is an annual service agreement that ensures that, should anything go wrong or break down on your new home, it would be repaired or possibly replaced for the cost of a trip charge.


Let’s learn more about home warranties and how they can protect your investment.


Who needs a home warranty?


Purchasing a home warranty is 100% a personal choice, but some homeowners are more likely to want one than others. If you are a first time homebuyer, you may want to consider a home warranty. That’s because first time homebuyers are often a strict budget. They plan very carefully to make sure they can cover all the necessary expenses. Well, what happens when an appliance or system that seemed to be in good working order suddenly breaks down? Without a home warranty, you might be scrambling to cover the unexpected expenses.


Buyers of older homes are also typical buyers of home warranties. That’s because, even though the home inspection should identify systems or appliances that need repair or replacement, older homes can sometimes be unpredictable and things can go downhill suddenly.


Sellers also may be interested in purchasing a warranty during the period in which the home is on the market. This means that they won’t have to cover any surprise repair or replacement expenses during that period, and it gives the buyer peace of mind, as well. It’s also the case that homes listed with a warranty sell for an average of 2-3% more.


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